Mckinley Mission Church.png

June 24th - 29th

at the Mckinley Indian Mission Church on the Yakima Indian Reservation.

2019 Impact Missions trip!!

We were very excited to have the opportunity to travel to the Mckinley Indian Mission Church on the Yakima Indian Reservation in June!!

It is difficult to put into words everything we experienced on this trip, but it was an amazing time. Everyone who went came back with an experience which will last a lifetime.

Our purpose was to go there and imitate the Lord’s kindness to people. What we discovered is how much of a difference this would really make because the kids living there are starved of kindness, love, and just knowing they are valued.

I was told before we left by Pastor Wayne how the Native Americans are a forgotten people. Well I believe God loves all of His children and will never forget anyone. This means we should never forget to share the good news to anyone.

My prayer is in this brief moment in time we were able to make a difference. It is my hope relationships were made where we will have the opportunity to continue showing the Lord’s kindness time and time again in order that people will come to know Jesus.

Enjoy the video and pictures of our 2019 Missions Trip!! But it is our hope that you will continue to partner with us as we celebrate our good Father in heaven.

Pastor Mark