Impact Youth

Impact Youth is a fun and safe place for 6th-8th grade students to engage in conversation about the things that really matter.

Our mission is to reach our community (and beyond) for Christ by seeing today's youth come into an everlasting relationship with Him.

Each month we have a scheduled program during our Sunday morning worship services to encourage this spiritual growth:

  • First Sunday of month - Bible Study

  • Second Sunday of month - Worship

  • Third Sunday of month - Questions & Conversations

  • Fourth Sunday of month - Service Project Sunday or Sunday FunDays

We seek to enter into the lives of our students, whether they are having a tough go or they’ve never known a worry in the world; assuring them that they are personally known and cared for, not by us only, but by their Maker as well.

Therefore it is our hope you visit with us soon and join us on the journey!!

If you want more information, please feel free to contact us at any point...


The Impact Youth had an awesome time at the NWMINCON conference!! Here are some testimonies to some of the cool people they met, and some of the valuable life lessons they learned.

It is our goal to provide experiences like this throughout the year in order for them to continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord!!