New beginnings

Welcome, and thanks!!

There have been many exciting things taking place this summer at Impact!!

I believe we have been called to love, serve, grow, and ultimately make an impact on the community around us. It starts with the opportunities God gives us, both in our homes and also with the people we have the opportunity to cross paths with each day.

Therefore, I want to say thank you to all of the volunteers to help this happen each day at Impact. From the volunteers who helped make Aquafest a success; to those involved in the Popsicles & Praise for kids; to the people helping bring the Marysville Ministry Site up-to-speed to lease out; all those each Sunday so we can have worship throughout the summer; and people taking time out of their day to make an impact on the lives of other people—thank you!!

Yet this is only the beginning to where I believe God is taking this church as we revisit why we have been called to make an impact.

The goal of the Impact Blog is to begin what hopefully will become a weekly update to things taking place at Impact; but also a place where Scripture will be discussed and encouraging words shared. The reason is simple: sometimes we need that extra “fuel” to get us from Sunday to Sunday. I am hoping this will compliment your walk with the Lord each week in ways that simply inspire.

Thank you for joining Impact on the direction we have been called—toward the community with the good news about Jesus!!

Mark Cerconeyouth, volunteers