Marysville Ministry Site Update

Last night about 25 people gathered to pray from both Impact Christian Church & Hillside Church at the Marysville Ministry Site. It marked the beginning of the next three years in life of this building in Marysville as we lease the building to Hillside and their ministry The Living Room Coffee House.

Reflecting upon this moment took me to where the Bible tells us how we should not despise the day of small beginnings (see Zech 4:10). This is because it may seem insignificant that a small group of people gathered to pray over everything God was going to do in this place.

Yet everything God has entrusted us with can become part of the larger vision of what God wants to do in our community. It just takes the first step of entrusting these moments to Him and then stepping out in faith to where God leads. This is why we gathered to pray last night.

The leadership of Impact made the decision to trust God in this opportunity with Hillside. Ultimately the decision was focused around the building to be used once again for the kingdom. Many things were prayed over during the last six weeks by many different people, and God made it clear this was the direction we were to take.

During the lease we will still be able to utilize the building during the week for certain ministry needs. The benefit will be an updated facility with better spaces for everyone. This is why we felt Hillside was the right fit for us as well.

But I would like to say to Impact, this is an exciting day as well because it is also a small beginning for us. No longer will this building stand in the way of us praying and dreaming toward a permanent location in Lake Stevens. Instead it will provide positive momentum toward us following God's direction ultimately leading to the place He may have for us.

We may not know exactly where this may be right now, but God ultimately does. I believe our next step is to prayerfully go like Abraham toward the place God will ultimately show us.

So let us now be excited about the future of Impact because there is both great needs and incredible opportunities in Lake Stevens. May we embrace God's plan for us as we love, serve, and bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus. May this be our impact...

Mark Cercone