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Mining the Bible for all its worth

This group is a 6-week study learning how to go deeper in scripture and find those nuggets that you get from scholars and theologians.

We believe you can mine scripture yourself and get those on a daily basis if you understood the language of scripture! 

Today so many are interpreting scripture through a modern logical western lens.  Scripture was written in ancient languages to ancient people whos worldviews were far different than ours.

To understand what is written you must learn both the art and science of biblical interpretation. The science is the "how" it should be interpreted and the art is the "practice" of using those principals.

This study will change how you see scripture and may even challenge some of your long held beliefs!  Philippians 1:6 says each of us is to "work out our own salvation".  Stop relying on others to mold your beliefs and learn to discern scripture for yourself! 

In this group, everyone's opinions are valued and we will all learn together without judgement. 

Leader: Tim Dresler

Address: 10817 5th Ave SE, Everett, WA

Earlier Event: January 26
Student Ministries Winter Retreat
Later Event: February 5
YoungLives Lake Stevens