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Have you ever faced something which seemed impossible? Does fear ever stand in the way of your hopes and dreams?

Joshua faced these questions as he was asked to lead the people of Israel into the Promised Land.

For many years in the desert, he probably assumed it was going to be Moses who was going to lead the crossing of the Jordan River. Yet this was not God's ultimate plan for his people.

Instead the river was at flood stage, there were challenges still ahead, and people had to learn how to live out their faith.

But God this is why God commanded Joshua to "Take Courage" with him on the journey.

We hope you join us this summer with this sermon series each Sunday, as we go through examples found in the life of Joshua. This way we can learn to live a life of courage as well.

Cavelero Mid High

Each Sunday, 10:00am


Earlier Event: August 5
Later Event: August 17
Impact Vacation Bible School One Day